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This clinic is built around Bowenwork as it's foundational therapy.  Although I believe that Bowen is the best tool for the job in most cases, I also have my roots in massage and therefore realize that sometimes a person just needs healing touch.  To that end I will still offer therapeutic and relaxation massage.  "Deep tissue" massage has always been an ambiguous term for me since most people mean deep pressure.  Even before Bowenwork training I was not a believer in compressing tissue and handling the body aggressively.  Since my bowen training I realize how important it is to treat the body gently, giving it just what it needs and no more, to allow it to feel safe, to unwind and reset.  You've heard the idea that, "if you want someone to listen, just whisper".  

That's what Tom Bowen figured out for the body... He was a body whisperer.

Bowen Treatment​​

first session - $100     

next sessions - $90


A hands-on therapy applied with the thumbs and fingers using gentle pressure on precise points of the body to stimulate the muscles and soft tissue. The experience of a treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing. It's focus is to reset, repair and balance the body. Clients typically report pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy.

​Hot Stones Massage​
​90 min - $135

Smooth stones are heated and then lubricated with oil or essential oils.  The therapeutic effects of heat are a natural aid to relax muscles more deeply. Used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, the penetrating warmth of smooth stones induces deep relaxation and provides a unique experience that many find to be tremendously calming and centering.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage
​​60 min - $90
90 min - $120


This integrated approach to massage incorporates multiple styles or techniques to treat a range of issue.

Relaxation Massage

60 min - $90

90 min - $120

120 min - $140


A soothing experience of sensual pleasure.

With peaceful music, a heated table, low lights and gentle, caring touch.  This massage will nurture and relax, inviting you to leave the cares of the world behind as tension melts... 

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